Women in Development was started in Australia by women working in aid and development who believe there is much to be gained by meeting and learning from other women aid and development professionals.

Since then we have grown into a membership association.


Our mission is to share the skills, knowledge and experience of women in the aid and development sector to incite, inspire & support all women to pursue and succeed in leadership roles.


Our vision is an aid and development sector in which women support women to be successful in their careers and to achieve gender parity across leadership roles.


We are committed to support other women to succeed in their careers; we are perpetual learners committed to self-improvement; we embrace both challenges and opportunities, we will succeed alongside other women and have a greater positive impact on our world.

● Women helping women to succeed
● Embracing challenges and opportunities in our lives and careers
● Perpetual learning and self-improvement

Women are welcome from all disciplines to share knowledge and experience and gain insight and inspiration from others and to learn what everyone else does! Aid and Development depends on cooperation and teamwork to achieve success, both within organisations and between organisations, and we know women are leaders in cooperating.


To learn more about the benefits of joining us as a member, and to sign up visit our membership page.


We welcome you to come along and meet and to make contributions online - whether you work in programs, policy, finance, fundraising, human resources, administration, and whether you are a new recruit, a team leader, manager or board member - we all learn from each other.

While we are based in Australia we welcome you from every corner of the globe - whether you are working close to home, in a distant city or  in a remote field based program at the front line of conflict and human suffering.

Women in Aid and Development is broadly supported by both men and women across the sector and especially at senior executive, CEO and Director level – all keen to see greater representation of women in leadership roles and all working together towards gender parity in the sector. 

We know women meet many of the same challenges as men working towards and in senior leadership roles, however, women encounter a number of barriers and issues that men do not. For this reason we believe female speakers provide  greater insight and guidance to our members who attend events and are interested in advancing their careers.

We welcome men to our meetings and invite them to speak on occasion, however, we observe a different dynamic at meetings where presenters are male. Engagement and willingness to ask questions is highest when women share their unique experiences and challenges that are specific to women in the workplace.