The Women in Aid and Development Events Committee


Lauren Bradley - Canberra Group Co-Convenor
Lauren manages the Community Development Program at an ACT community organisation. She spent several years in Ecuador as Country Coordinator of an NGO in the Early Childhood Education sector, was Operations Manager of an NGO coordinating medical clinics ensuring rural communities had access to health care and interned at the International Labor Organization in Jakarta contributing to a review of Indonesia’s largest capacity building employment programme. Lauren has a Bachelor of International Development, a Master of Applied Project Management, and a Diploma of Languages (Spanish). She also sits on the board of directors of Hepatitis ARC and Hepatitis Australia.

Emily Moreton - Canberra Group Co-Convenor

Emily is currently studying a Master of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development at ANU. She recently completed an internship at the Australian Council for International Development, where she is now working. In 2013, Emily lived in South Sulawesi, Indonesia as a volunteer teacher trainer as part of the Australian government volunteer program. She has nine years experience as a primary school teacher in NSW and ACT.

Tess Horsley - Canberra Group Co-Convenor

Tess has recently returned to Canberra after two years in Phnom Penh, Cambodia working in the anti-trafficking sector. For most of her career, Tess has worked for Hagar, an international human rights organisation dedicated to the protection, recovery and empowerment of survivors of severe abuse including slavery and human trafficking. With seven years of experience working in small, fast-paced teams, Tess is a development and communications all-rounder with experience in monitoring and evaluation, fundraising, events management, program management and donor relations. Tess has a Bachelor of Commerce from ANU and a Graduate Diploma of Evaluation from Melbourne university.


Rebecca Macfarling

Rebecca MacFarling - Melbourne Group Convenor

Rebecca MacFarling is currently the CEO of the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (MADE) on the site of the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat. She also serves on ACFID’s Code of Conduct Committee as a fundraising and marketing specialist. Now based in Melbourne, Rebecca has spent the last two decades working in marketing, fundraising, sponsorship, digital strategy and customer loyalty across media, financial services, the arts and international development. Prior to her appointment at MADE, Rebecca was the Deputy CEO of international NGO, CUFA.

Kelly Rae

Kelly Rae - Melbourne Group Co-Convenor - Currently on Maternity Leave

Kelly is on the senior leadership team of TEAR Australia and has regional oversight of TEAR’s development and relief programming in South Asia. This spans work in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. She also co-founded the Melbourne Development Circle, and previously worked in Cambodia through the Australian Youth Ambassadors Program.


Chris Franks

Chris Franks - Women in Aid and Development Principal

She is Chair of Habitat for Humanity Australia, a not for profit working to deliver shelter led community development programs in Australia and the Asia Pacific, Chris is also Chair RESULTS International Australia, a Director of NSW Kids & Families, director of Family Planning NSW along with several other Committee’s including the CUFA International Development Working Group.

Previously Chair of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID), Code of Conduct Committee and the recipient of the inaugural ACFID Award for Outstanding Service to the Aid and Development Sector. Chris has also served on boards of Oxfam, Save the Children NSW, as Chair of the NSW Charities Ministerial Advisory Committee and advised many not for profits.

Michelle Imison - Sydney Group Co-Convenor - Currently working overseas

Michelle is the Global Health Campaign Manager at RESULTS International (Australia), where she works largely to bring together Australia researchers, politicians and policy-makers for better outcomes in relation to tuberculosis. She has previously been an international development consultant and academic in public health, as well as having served on a Board (Oxfam Australia) and as a grant-maker for a women’s education organisation (Graduate Women International). Michelle’s major interests in international development include public health, gender and the political landscape in which the sector operates (i.e. everything development-related).

Jackie Lauff

Jackie Lauff - Sydney Group Co-Convenor

Jackie Lauff is a sport and development practitioner who has worked in local, national and international sport organisations. She has a degree in Occupational Therapy, a Master of International and Community Development from Deakin University and a Master of Adapted Physical Activity from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Early in her career Jackie was an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development in Fiji working on the South Pacific Games. Jackie is a member of the Executive Committee of the Australian Disability and Development Consortium, a reviewer for the International Journal of Sport and Development, and co-chair of the ACFID Small Member Working Group. Jackie is a co-founder and currently CEO of Sport Matters, an international NGO based in Sydney.

Jessie Rudd - Sydney Group Co-Convenor

Jessie is the Communications & Development Manager at SurfAid, a humanitarian & community development organisation working to improve access to clean water & sanitation, basic healthcare, and nutrition in remote island communities. Jessie has degrees in Environmental Studies & Anthropology, and is fascinated by the interaction between people and the places they live – this fascination has taken Jessie to over 20 countries for work, study, and play.

Overseeing SurfAid’s communications and development means Jessie spends her time telling powerful stories, and building strong relationships. Never intentionally delving into fundraising, Jessie energetically embraces this work as incredibly challenging and immensely rewarding.

Jacinta Harford - Sydney Group Co-Convenor

Jacinta is a young professional working as the Design, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Coordinator for CAN DO Consortium in Sydney, mainly focusing on Disaster Response & Preparedness in the Pacific Islands. My country experience comes from a year as an AVID in Mongolia, working with their child protection department. This was the most illuminating year of my life and I learned so much about development, Mongolia and myself. I love Women in Aid and Development and the opportunity to hear strong women speak about doing good in the world. Love being part of this fantastic group.

Emma Bull - Sydney Group Co-Convenor

Emma is a professional advocate, specialising in public policy, politics and strategic campaigning. She is currently the Advocacy & External Affairs Manager for Amnesty International, Emma delivers human rights impact for rights holders here in Australia, and around the world, by engaging and persuading decision-makers.

Emma spent 8 years as political advisor in the federal parliament and during that time campaigned to protect our environment, price pollution, label our food, get women into our corporate boardrooms and get kids out of detention. She was admitted to practice as a solicitor in NSW, has a Masters of Public Policy & Politics and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.