Useful Links

​A range of websites and groups useful and/or interesting for professionals working in development.

LinkedIn UK Women Working in Development Group (WWID)

WhyDev - Article on getting a career in Development started

Commonwealth Bank Foundation

Linked in - Women Working in Development Group 

The Guardian Global Development Professionals Network

Linked in International Development Group

Australian Council for International Development 

Women Working in Aid and Development Blog 

Linked in - Transparency International Australia Group

Sydney Development Circle

Global Aid Worker





Alliance for Peace Building




Recommended podcasts

Rethinking Development - a new podcast with host, Safa, who speaks with a wide range of practitioners to discuss ethics, challenges, innovations, life experiences and lessons learnt. Current episodes address the different skill set necessary for humanitarian assistance vs development programming, overcoming sectoral analysis, ensuring protection, the interface of aid and the military, pioneering female leadership, working across disciplines, building trust, working through trauma, and much more! Check out episodes here.

Conversations in development - hosted by Peter Mason CEO of CUFA and Olivia Rosenman, Journalist that delivers lively, witty, and thought provoking discussions among the co-hosts and a special guest, who is an expert in any one of a wide range of development related topics. Check out episodes here.