We are keen to promote workshops, courses and networking that are of value to our members.

If you know of a useful workshop, course, event or scholarship send us a link through our contact page and we will post it here.

If your organisation is hosting a workshop or program in-house and you have space to accommodate a few others pro bono from a smaller organisation or for a small fee then let us know and we will add the details here.

Partnership Brokers Training Programme

This well established and accredited Partnership Brokers Association (PBA) training is designed for those involved in supporting and leading multi-sector collaborations. It's an intensive course that balances conceptual and practical learning and creates a safe place to support personal and professional development. Designed for active practitioners in NGOs, non-profits, business, universities, government and international institutions who have experience supporting collaboration between two or more partners.

  • Melbourne: 23-26 March, 2020
  • Bangkok: 30 March-2 April, 2020

Visit the Partnership Brokers website for full details.

ACFID Workshop: Introduction To the Aid & Development Sector

If you are new to the sector or keen to get an insight, the ACFID introduction to the sector workshop is always an excellent place to start.

Hear from ACFID and guest speakers on the history of the sector, emerging debates and future trends, the role of ACFID and its Code of Conduct, and the Australian Government’s aid program.

The workshop is pitched at new staff, Board members and volunteers, but is also useful for those thinking about working in the sector.

  • Melbourne, Australia
  • 20 March, 2020

Visit the ACFID website for more details.

Measure What Matters Global Conference

The Measure What Matters Global Conference will showcase a ground-breaking Australian-led initiative that transforms the way in which poverty is measured.

This April, world leaders in data and gender inequality will gather in Canberra to discuss the intersection between poverty, gender, and data. The program will highlight global efforts to close the gender data gap and leave no one behind.

  • Australian National University, Canberra
  • 6-8 April 2020

Visit the Individual Deprivation Measure website for more details.