Volunteers & Interns - The Inside Story

Date: Monday 20 August 2018

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Venue: Omega Bar,  Tattersalls Club, Pitt Street Sydney ( near corner of Market)

It’s tough to find a role in the international development and humanitarian sectors. This makes volunteering and internships increasingly popular and competitive ways to get a foot in the door. Join us for an insightful and fun conversation about volunteering, and network with your peers and colleagues from the sector.

For those looking to volunteer, what should you look for in a voluntary role and what can you expect to do? Has it been valuable for others? Does it give you the necessary experience to find a permanent role?

For those managing a volunteer program, what are the key criteria in selecting volunteers? What are the challenges in inducting, managing and supporting volunteers? What advice can you give those considering volunteering or internships?

Come along and hear first-hand from volunteers, interns and the people who manage them. More speaker details soon.

Rachel Donovan is the Marketing & Communications Strategist at Palms which she joined in May 2018, after volunteering internationally for three years as a Communications Advisor with the Press Institute of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar and with the Community Radio Association of Timor Leste in Dili. Rachel initially undertook volunteer work with community radio in western Sydney after completing a Master of Arts in International Relations and Master of International Law, she credits this volunteering as her stepping stone into the industry.
Palms has been connecting skilled Australian professionals with communities in low income countries for over 50 years and specialises in developing long-standing relationships with community organisations in remote areas where opportunities are limited. Palms placements offer mutual professional and personal development for volunteers and partner organisations through long-term volunteering.

Leanne Elliott is a Wildlife Conservation Officer at Taronga Conservation Society Australia, working on the delivery of wildlife conservation programs in Australia and abroad in addition to being responsible for population management of exotic species at both Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

She held a previous career in food and wine media before actively pursuing a change to work in the development sector, with a particular interest in environment and wildlife. Leanne has lived and worked in the Kingdom of Tonga, working across a range of development projects including waste management, women’s development, youth and environmental issues and in Botswana with cheetah on human-wildlife conflict mitigation.

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