Policy and Process

Women in Aid & Development (WIAD) volunteers are extraordinary people motivated to make a difference to their colleagues by delivering a world class networking group to support women in the sector aspire to and achieve leadership roles. They deserve acknowledgement, appreciation and thanks for their contribution.

However, some stand out for outstanding effort, invested over significant periods. They set a high benchmark in service and volunteering excellence and WIAD awards recognise these members and acknowledge the outstanding contribution they have made.

Life membership is the highest honour an organisation can bestow upon one of its members or Volunteers. The WIAD board, by special resolution, will award life membership in recognition of exceptional and distinguished service to members and Volunteers of WIAD who have demonstrated this level of service over a significant period (more than 5 years).


Service deserving recognition at this level is described as exceptional and distinguished, outstanding and meritorious service and delivered consistently

Contribution may be made in the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Volunteering
  • Event Organisation
  • Income generation either personal; or prompted major donations over five years (major = $5,000 per annum)
  • Member recruitment

To be eligible for consideration for Life Membership the following criteria must be met:

  • Nomination is from a member of the WIAD board
  • Nominee is an individual
  • Nominee has been an active and financial member of WIAD for five years or more or an active volunteer
  • Nominee is of good character
  • Nomination is in writing


Following receipt of a nomination a Life Membership Committee established by the board will assess nominations and make a recommendation to the WIAD Board.

In the event of a conflict of interest arising between the nominee and a member of Life Membership Committee, the Life Membership Committee member will be asked to declare the conflict of interest and abstain from voting on that nomination.

Life Membership Committee will make a confidential recommendation to the WIAD board for consideration.

The Board will appoint by special resolution (as per constitution) and the decision of the Board is final.

Following decision by the board the Nominee will be invited to an appropriate event and presented with the Life membership, a letter of congratulation and a commemorative plaque.

Their membership status will be changed, they will not pay membership fees, will be eligible to vote for the board and attend events at discounted cost.