Open to all individuals aged 18 and over, who support the objects of the Association, pay the Voting Membership fee annually, have been accepted by the board as a member, and whose name appears on the Member register.

Voting Member Entitlements

  • You are entitled to attend two Women in Aid & Development networking sessions, each calendar year, AT NO COST.
  • You are eligible to apply to join the Event Committee and participate in planning and presenting events in your city.
  • You are eligible to participate in the intermediate level mentoring program once each three years. Details on the website soon!
  • You will receive an annual report on our work and an invitation to attend and take part in discussion at general meetings of members by teleconference where the annual report and financial reports are presented.
  • You are eligible to Vote on any resolution or matter at a general meeting and for Board elections
  • You are eligible to stand for election and accept any elected office within the Association

Foundation Members

Foundation Members are those Members that initially established Women in Aid & development. They are entitled to all the benefits of Voting Membership as detailed above

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Mentoring programme